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DOLLY NOIRE Football Fury – Black & Red


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The Dolly Noire T-Shirt inspired by American football, unique and of great impact. Uniqueness and comfort are not lacking thanks to its technical materials. This t-shirt with logo printed on the front makes you feel part of a great team.
There are also two other embroideries on the shoulders with the original Dolly sheep and skull.
Completed by N° 89 on front & back to identify a year of great style.

– Label on the bottom

– Ergonomic sleeve with embroidery

– Embroidered logo

– Embroidered numbers

Model: tall 185 wearing size L

200 g/sqm 100% polyester

Washing at 30 degrees


  • Questo campo serve per la convalida e dovrebbe essere lasciato inalterato.

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